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Where to go to level

Thirtyrock, Sep 19, 12 9:37 AM.
If you are leveling by Dungeon here is the order. There is some trial and error that will go on as far as how long each level takes.

85-86: Temple of the Jade Serpent Guide
86-87: Stormstout Brewery Guide
87-88: Shado-pan Monastery & Mogu'Shan Palace This one and The other one
88-90: There are no new dungeons for these levels so this is where the trial and error come in. If it's slow going past 88 go level in zones, if it's still quick stay in dungeons, gonna have to figure it out for yourself.

Zones by Level--There are some oddities with the zones and it seems like, from 86 or 87 on you will have to damn near complete the entire zone to level. This is particularly true from 89-90. I'll post a link to a leveling guide if i can find it, but I'm not making one.

85-86: The Jade Forest
86-88: The Valley of the Four Winds &  The Krasarang Wilds--It is possible you will have to do both of these zones to get the full 2 levels, I don't know.
87-89: Kun Lai Summit
89-90: Townlong Steppes
90: The Dread Wastes--You may have to finish the last few bars of 89-90 in this zone, not sure. 


Thirtyrock, Sep 8, 12 11:45 AM.
If you are interested in raiding with Bad Comp please fill out an application Here

Want to Raid?

Thirtyrock, Sep 6, 12 11:43 PM.
Let us know if you're interested in Raiding in Mists of Pandaria here.

Leveling--Do it

Thirtyrock, Sep 6, 12 11:41 PM.
Hey, let us know how you're Leveling in the Forums, we want to set up 5 man leveling groups :-)

Raid Strats Up

Thirtyrock, Sep 3, 12 10:44 PM.
Check out the Raid Strategies
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